Who We Are


White Box is a community art gallery space for selected artists to show their work. It is intended as a focus of interest for the people of Blackheath and for the wider world of art enthusiasts. We select a broad spectrum of art practices, something different from exhibition to exhibition, by committed artists. Prints, sculpture, painting, ceramics, performance and photographic works have all been hosted at White Box. The Gallery is run by Frances and Graham High who are themselves practising artists.



Corona 19 guidelines 

The Gallery is closed due to lockdown but artists are setting up their shows as usual which can be viewed at least through the window. Many thanks to our loyal visitors who are keeping an eye on the little space. We will be opening as before as soon as we are allowed to. In the meantime work IS for sale and the artist's details are in the window if anyone wishes to make diredt contact.

Michèle Fuirer


Prior to a focus on printmaking, Michèle made work in photography, film, sculpture and installation. Collage and layering are significant elements in her way of building imagery. In the recent series of work the artist combines a monoprinting technique with hand drawn stencils. The stencils are traced from designs made by her father for his furniture making business. However, this personal narrative is subsumed into a larger abstraction of form, colour and space. Edges and borders, repeated shapes and motifs come together to make rich, multi-layered spaces. 



Mon - Fri: by appointment
Sat: 11am-6pm
Sun: 11am-6pm

5 Hare and Billet Road,

Blackheath, SE3 0RB



"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau