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Selected Paintings and Prints

Saturday 3rd of June  to Sunday 18th of June 

Three Weekends : from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

David Barron is a painter/printmaker based in South Wales, with a studio overlooking Swansea Bay, where the ever changing light is a continual inspiration. For David drawing is both a passion and an essential practice; an ongoing visual commentary on daily life, either from direct observation or sometimes from memory.  This exhibition reveals the relationships between painting and print, where colour, tone and drawing are key elements. The paintings and prints capture the visual rhythms of shape, form, colour and pattern found in everyday objects, spaces and places. Subjects include garden corners, street scenes and everyday objects (fruit, flowers and fish, pots, pans, mugs and jugs). The original prints included explore an exciting range of printmaking methods such as drypoint, etching, aquatint, woodcut and linocut.

David Barron has worked as a painter, printmaker and teacher for over sixty years. Born in London in 1938, he studied painting, printmaking and illustration at Saint Martins School of Art and Goldsmiths. David has lived and worked in Wales since the mid-60s, when he set up the Foundation Course in Art and Design at Swansea College of Art (now The University of Wales Trinity Saint David). He is an Academician of The Royal Cambrian Academy and a member of Swansea Printmakers, exhibiting regularly with these groups.

DB 1.jpg


Prints / Paintings

Saturday 24th of June  to Sunday 9th of July 

Three Weekends : from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Artist/Geographer Paul Haydock-Wilson is excited to present a new quartet of etchings, entitled ‘Wanted: Dead & Alive’, which are based on ‘rogue’ trees he’s been conversing with in Greenwich Park. He will also exhibit recent paintings from the second Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, called the ‘Isolation Series’. They evoke feelings of isolation, attraction, repulsion and the surreal nature of the pandemic plays out on the canvas. There will also be a chance to see etchings from his Irish Landscape Suite as well as geological photographic and photopolymer prints.

Paul’s artistic practice is essentially an exploration of geography, process, and identity. He is interested in a dialogue with nature and examines how the forces of entropy, erosion, and accretion work to shape us and our environment. In a constant state of becoming, landscapes reveal themselves, transforming through interaction with elemental processes. Fascinated by these processes and how they relate to human physical and emotional conditions, landscape transforms into metaphor for an intensely personal geography.

PAUL 3.jpg


Tidal Waters: Etchings

Saturday 15th of July  to Sunday 30th of July 

Three Weekends : from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Rebecca Danning studied Drawing at Falmouth University and has since developed her practice through the form of intaglio printmaking. Drawing remains at the forefront of her ever-evolving art practice. She lives and works in South London.


Having spent her childhood in Devon, she finds herself constantly returning in search of inspiration and solace by the sea.Travelling with a sketchbook is fundamental to Rebecca’s practice, recording as she goes, fuelling what later become etchings.


‘Tidal Waters’ is a show of recent etchings that reveal an intimate and personal response to water. Rebecca is interested in the ways in which water holds memories and a sense of belonging, and in her etchings evokes the continuous fluidity of form, light and colour.



'Shoulder to the Wheel'

Saturday 5th of August  to Sunday 13th of August 

Two Weekends : from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Andrew writes: I have been working as an artist for over 40 years, on and off, as time has allowed. I was diagnosed with mental health issues back in the 1980s, and don’t have to seek paid employment due to my illness. This has left me with an amazing amount of freedom to pursue my interest in art. 


I studied printmaking, philosophy and English at Wolverhampton University in the 1990s, which has helped to direct and focus my efforts, and have attended many classes in the artistic arena both before and after university.

This exhibition contains work spanning much of my artistic career, selected to present a coherent view from a patchwork of activity that has felt like a roller coaster. The images are hard won, by much effort from many people, though I hold the brush. 

ANDREW 5.jpg


Recent Prints

Saturday 19th of August  to Sunday 3rd of September 

Three Weekends : from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

J. Yuen Ling Chiu is a London-based printmaker and artist, from Toronto, Canada. Her work explores the architecture and pattern of memory, with especial attention to relationships between urban landscapes, migration, and empire. Trained in lithography, relief printing, screenprinting, intaglio and digital media, her studio practice often shifts between themes, underpinned by a formal exploration of the medium of printmaking. She has a BFA (Hons) in Printmaking from Queen’s University Canada, and an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

She has more than 16 years of experience working as a technician, and educator, is a member of Printmakers Council, Greenwich Printmakers, and currently works full-time in her studio in Woolwich. In 2021, Ling received a ‘Develop Your Creative Practice’ grant from Arts Council England which has allowed her to transition her traditional print practice to lower-toxicity, more sustainable methods and materials. This included a one-month residency at AGALAB in Amsterdam, culminating in her second solo exhibition of works.

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