Rado Klose


Saturday 11th September to Sunday 26th September

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Rado considers that photography is the act of framing (we avoid the word art at all times).   Consider all those forms of graphic expression that start with a sheet of paper, or a canvas, or an etching plate, or a lithographic stone, your basic tabula rasa, nothing exists until you start making marks of some sort.  The action is one of addition. Photography is an act of subtraction. It starts with something, the world through which we move and which moves around us. The frame is the device that allows us to select those parts of it which we think may be worthy of attention. So that is the primary decision.  (Time is of course important but not equally so in all photographs).  The relationship of the frame to what it contains and the visual rhythms it establishes are, for me, the fascinating grammar of photography. In pursuance of the theme of framing I persuaded myself I should make all the frames for the exhibition.  



Ute Haring

'Floating Landscapes - new woodcuts'

Saturday 2nd October to Sunday 17th October

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

 Ute Haring returns to White Box with her latest woodcut prints. Amongst others Ute will be showing prints from her current ‘Floating Landscape’ series. The series follows on from the ‘Trainscapes’- paintings and prints she presented at White Box in 2018. For ‘Floating Landscapes’ Ute uses the woodblocks in an almost painterly fashion, layering colours and inking the blocks in different ways to achieve a series of unique prints. The resulting dreamlike landscapes are images of transience and impermanence, a reality that can not be fully grasped. Ute Haring’s work often centres around ideas of memory and place, the transitional nature of urban spaces and landscape and its relationship with our own identity.

2 new woodcuts- FL industrial structure- 5-13.jpg

Sasa Marinkov & Annalisa Colombara

'From Ryoanji to Riverside'

Saturday 23rd October to Sunday 7th November

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

The pictures of Annalisa and Sasa are accompanied by Graham High's sharply perceptive haiku composed specifically for the occasion of the show, in keeping with the inspired spontaneity of Japanese Zen tradition"

'Marvellous trees, their shadows and reflections, tiny insects, an XR protest on Westminster Bridge, Sasa Marinkov records Nature taking its course, in her monochrome prints'. 

S Marinkov 'Rising up'.jpg
SMarinkov'Corvids watching'.jpg

          Rising up.  woodcut 38 x 56 cm


                in the broad river

             reflections, like memories,

             fading, fragmenting

Corvids watching    woodcut 49.5 x 44.5 cm


       lacework branches bear

       restive crows among the leaves -

       filigree feelings

This series of paintings and watercolours is inspired by a journey to Kyoto by Annalisa Colombara and her experience of the sacred moss gardens of the temples and shrines of the ancient city. 

Hope63x71cm #.jpg

         beyond the flowers

         a distant doorway of light –

         sting of slanting rain


a few clear leaves in

the flood of autumn colour –

a part or apart?   

Margaret Proudfood & Bridget Bailey

'Companion Planting'

Saturday 13th November to Sunday 28th November

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Margaret Proudfoot & Bridget Bailey have worked within feet of each other for many years, with only a wall or ceiling in between, but this is the first time they have collaborated. Clockwork Studios has been fertile soil for them both to refine their original disciplines of sculpture and textiles.

Companion Planting is an experimental project, arising from a new situation and the need to be outside - allotment walks during lockdown that evolved into looking, drawing and making with intent.

From noticing how ivy finds its way through a fence to describing the anatomy of a grass stem, Margaret & Bridget each bring their own observations, passions, and processes to this exhibition at White Box Gallery. Join them to discover what has grown out of this creative cross-pollination process.

Barbed wire Margaret - Meadow Bridget   (1).jpg
Comppanion Planting joint image .jpg