Peter Fitzgerald

sculpture and paintings

Saturday 8th January to Sunday 23rd January

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Peter Fitzgerald writes: ‘My work on show at White Box includes 2D and 3D. Serendipity plays its part, and in my case the discovery of faces/heads by playing/experimenting with colours, shapes and forms. As the heads reveal themselves, I refine, and modify to invoke a myriad of moods, character, relationships and settings.


The sculptures fall into three groups 1.Ceramic. 2.Wood. 3.Mixed media.

With the mixed medias I have during lockdown re-cycled the materials in packaging for home deliveries, and also discarded articles and broken toys. My work explores the formal possibilities of heads, never making things blatantly obvious but rather allowing scope for the viewer to involve themselves in gradually seeing and understanding what is there.’

waking mum and dad 82x110cm.jpg
wave 46x34x34cm.jpg


Charles Hustwick & Oliver Murdock

'Works with Words'        sculpture/paintings installation

Saturday 29th January to Sunday 13th February 

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Charles Hustwick and Oliver Murdock use letters of the alphabet, words, names, and texts in their new work showing at White Box Gallery in 2022. 

Oliver's work, abstract, orderly, and with a minimalist look, addresses the experience of persistent Involuntary inner voices, creating wall-mounted multi-layered structures of formal elegance. 

Charles’ work is a low-tech interactive installation that attracts with a dazzle of colour but on closer inspection reveals a historical reflection on our present moment immediately following COP26. It pays homage to important awareness-raising precursors giving name to its title  Heroes Saints and Martyrs of Climate Change Crisis


Charles wishes to  dedicate this exhibition to the memory of Filipino artist David Medalla (1942-2020)

Both artists will donate 50% of all income from sales of their limited edition prints created especially for the exhibition.

Oliver’s chosen charities are Andy's Man Club and Calm and Charles’ choice of charity is Greenpeace.


  Image:    Charles Hustwick                                                              Image:    Oliver Murdock

print option 2.jpg


Jade They

'Glimpse'   print works on the theme of the ephemeral

Saturday 19th February to Sunday 6th March 

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Jade is a printmaker based in South London. She has exhibited at Bankside Gallery, The London Illustration Fair, Woolwich Contemporary Print Prize South Hill Park Arts Centre and Neo:gallery Bolton, amongst others. Her commissioned work includes clients such as SMC Art Consultancy, Saga UK, Penguin Random House Germany, Studio Pensom amongst others.


Jade writes: In this exhibition I will show a selection of work exploring the theme of  ‘glimpse’. My prints may be a mere glimpse into fleeting landscape, a transient moment in an animal’s life away from the day to day human experience, images caught out the corner of your eye and others you can’t make out.


I am a multi-disciplinary printmaker with many of my prints crossing processes, but my main focus is relief. I feel this process, being one of the oldest, has the most history both in China and in England. Being of dual heritage of both these two cultures, I strive to combine these two traditions in my work with a contemporary style of my own.

unnamed (2).jpg

Aleksandra Niemczyk

'Two moons'- works on canvas and on paper.

Saturday 12th February to Sunday 27th March 

Weekends only 11.00 am to 6.00 pm


Aleksandra Niemczyk is a Polish-born abstract painter living and working in Blackheath and Greenwich. She uses mixed media techniques to create non-figurative paintings full of intensity and colour. With respect for the great non-figurative modernists of the past, and with uncompromising dedication to abstract expressionism based on “organic geometry” and colour theory, she pushes her works towards complex aesthetic compositions of line, colour, texture, and form.


Niemczyk’s academic education includes an MA in Fine Arts (Painting and Lithography) as well as an MA in Film Directing from Béla Tarr’s radical film factory program in Sarajevo. She exhibits internationally, while art grants and artist residencies provide time to cultivate colour field abstraction and experimental film works.


The "Two Moons" series is a direct response to Niemczyk's experiences during her artist residency at Tokyo Wonder Site Japan (2016), during which she researched traditional techniques of printing and painting on textile. The paintings in the series are built on the rhythm and relationships of form, texture, and a subtle variety of colours, with attention to a harmony of structure and composition.

Ichigo,28x30cm,tempera,mized media on canvas.jpg
TwoMoonsWaterfall, mixed media on canvas,25x33cm.jpg
Pun,28X30cm, tempera,gold,mixed media.jpg
TwoMoonsMarocco, mixed media on canvas,25x33cm.jpg