November 9th - November 24th

weekends only 11.00 - 6.00

'Norfolk: One Way and Another'

Graham High

This exhibition presents two styles of painting, both inspired by the ‘between land and sea’ landscape of north Norfolk. One body of work is exploring the colours and textures and emotional feel of the landscape through an abstract idiom: the other series, produced at the same time, is a collection of figurative impressions  inspired by the marshes and creeks of north Norfolk as they appear at different times of day and in different seasons. While the landscape-based abstracts are working in a similar style to the St Ives artists of the 50’s and 60’s, the works on paper, produced using various solutions of inks and bleach, have some relation to the ‘Norwich School’ landscapes of the 19th century.

November 30th - December 22nd

weekends only  11.00am - 6.00pm

John Fuller

Recent Work, paintings and sculpture

Johm mFuller states that "it has always been important to me to work across different disciplines, exploring the relationship between two dimensions and three.  So often the creative problems  encountered in one can help solve the problems with another.  In this respect, drawing provides the foundation for most of the work I make.  This  happens in small, pocket notebooks.  There is no recipe for these; everything is thrown into the mix. To draw is to see and not just look. The paintings in this exhibition use the Dorset coast as their starting point.  I have often observed the drama which gathers amongst transitional passages of the landscape; linking the land to the sea.  The two forces are constantly reacting with each other and one strives to find an equivalent of this on the surface of the paper.

Much of the sculpture has its origins in the notebooks.  The piece begins by a process of “fishing” for a chance collision of ideas and images.  There follows a period of assembling and adjusting the material until the options seem exhausted. "


January 4th to January 26th

weekends only, 11.00am - 6.00pm

Margaret Higginson


Margaret Higginson refuses to see stone as concrete. To her, stone is malleable, like glass. It begs to be touched and twisted. Yet, the texture and surface of her chosen material is restricting by its very nature. It is the site of that push and pull, that sense of confusion and complication, where ‘Convolutions’ is born.


What emerges from the contradictions are sculptures that push the limits of form and surface area. To appease the material, Margaret lets the stone reveal itself by carving what is both inside and outside. Again, we see another paradox in the work: the natural stone on the outside competing like a child for attention with the quiet newness of the carving inside.

February 1st to February 23rd

weekends only  11.00am - 6.00 pm

Casper Scarth


"Casper Scarth's works create unsettling narratives that draw upon a series of recurring yet unexpected motifs. His work questions ideas of loss, hostility and the urban, using a visual language that plunders both his past, particularly his childhood in France and later experiences living and working in Holland, and the present, including the streets, building sites, parks and playgrounds of East London. His practice is sensitive to, and in pursuit of, the interplay and tension between assertion and intuitive reaction experienced in the act of making" (H. Fussner)