Michèle Fuirer:    'Edges and Futures'

Saturday 9th of January to Sunday 31st January

Closed due to lockdown. But exhibition viewable through the window

Prior to a focus on printmaking, Michèle made work in photography, film, sculpture and installation. Collage and layering are significant elements in her way of building imagery. In the recent series of work the artist combines a monoprinting technique with hand drawn stencils. The stencils are traced from designs made by her father for his furniture making business. However, this personal narrative is subsumed into a larger abstraction of form, colour and space. Edges and borders, repeated shapes and motifs come together to make rich, multi-layered spaces. 


Saturday 6th of February to Sunday 21st February

Closed due to lockdown.

But the show is up and can be seen through the window

 Elizabeth paints with acrylic on canvas, working layer upon layer, using a bold, saturated palette. The works take their forms from openings and structures such as pillars, curtains and barriers to create playful platforms of balance and tension. For The White Box Gallery she has made a group of spontaneous and vibrant works on her iPad. Elizabeth is a local artist, with a studio at Acme in Childers Street, Deptford.  She has exhibited several times in the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, London.

KIT BOYD: Recent Work

Saturday 27th of February to Sunday 14th March

Open weekends only 11.00 to 6.00

Kit Boyd has been making linocuts since his last exhibition at White Box in 2019, and will be exhibiting a selection of these including his largest to date The Topiarist, alongside his colourful linocut of Greenwich Park. He is also working on paintings and new prints inspired by local landscapes, including Hare and Billet Pond, and will be showing these for the first time. Working from his Charlton studio next to the Thames Barrier, Kit is also a member of Greenwich Printmakers and shows widely in galleries around the UK. His linocut Cast Adrift is currently hanging in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition where the edition sold out on the opening day. More details on his work can be found at www.kitboyd.com

A Preview of Shows to come Later in the year:

Katharine Honey and

Sally Robson

Katharine Honey studied painting and stained glass at Wimbledon School of Art, later becoming interested in the making and designing of modern jewellery.   Working mostly in silver and using semi-precious stones the work emphasises colour and texture, sometimes within an abstract form.   Forging, reticulation and etching can be involved together with the interest in making pieces with fluid flexible movement. Two examples of her work are shown below.

Sally Robson shows a retrospective selection of work from when she left the Central School of Art to her current paintings. Sally’s first employment was working as a designer of book jackets and publicity for a London publisher. After marriage and two sons, she became interested in sculpture, working in clay from the figure and completed several commissions during this time. In the 1980s she joined the Greenwich Printmakers' Association producing etchings and linocuts, exhibiting widely with the group as well as independently, including at the Royal Academy. After twenty-one years with the GPA she wanted to concentrate on painting and has been working in oils and acrylic, some figurative, but more recently, abstract shapes and colour with gardens and landscapes in mind.

Forthcoming June/July 2021

Angela Brookes

'The Light Fantastic' 

In ‘The Light Fantastic’, Angela will be showing her prints that explore and celebrate the infinite visual opportunities presented by the natural world.  Landscapes, seascapes and huge skies are favourite topics and she is fascinated by the ever changing effects of light at different times of the day, and as the seasons progress through the year.    “I depict what I see around me, and I draw on deep memories of my rural upbringing, but sometimes it is just a glimpse from a train window that provides inspiration.” 

Forthcoming in May 2021

Sarah Lister, Erica Macdonald,Vanessa Mackness

'Paintings ,Prints and Drawings' 

Sarah Lister trained at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montreal & studied Graphics at St Martins School of Art .


Erica Macdonald trained in graphics at Chelsea School of Art and specialised in etching at Putney Art School. She has exhibited widely.


Vanessa Mackness, studied  fine art painting, and etching, at Camberwell   School of Art.

forthcoming in June 2021

Alexandra Robb & Amanda Taylor

'Fragile Nature' 

Fragile Nature’ is a joint exhibition between printmakers Alexandra Robb and Amanda Taylor. Both artists use the natural world, its plants, trees, landscapes and wildlife, many of which are under threat from the behaviour of humankind, including the ravages of climate change as an enduring inspiration for their work.

This show includes Amanda’s reduction lino prints and collagraphs and Alexandra’s lino prints, drawings, paintings and print assemblages .Both artists will be showing a number of wood engravings, a shared passion that they feel can render the detail of natural forms in a way that no other medium can.

Amanda has been a printmaker for 19 years having studied at London College of Printing and practices both at home and with the East London printmakers

Alexandra worked for many years in the field of nature conservation also working as a wildlife illustrator. She now practices her art from home, still undertaking commissions as well as developing her own work.